We Need Your Help


You can help Tullstar by:

·        Praying for our efforts to help congregations do the Lord’s work

·        Purchasing and using the products and materials we make available

·        Spreading the word about our services to others

·        Consider helping financially


Our goal is not to do the work of the Lord’s church, but to provide services that will aid congregations in accomplishing their mission of taking the gospel into the world (Luke 19:10).


Your one-time or monthly tax-deductible contribution will allow us to:

·        Continue providing services and material at reasonable costs

·        Provide free or reduced-cost material to missionaries,  churches,  and others who may not otherwise be able to afford it

·        Expand our services to meet the needs of congregations

·        Upgrade and repair our equipment as needed to provide quality recordings


Contact us for more information.