Tullstar: Tracts

Tullstar Tracts

Tullstar Tracts

Tullstar has helped to produce a number of tracts that are avaliable for the benefit of you and your congreation. You may purchase them for:
  • $0.25 each for individual tracts
  • $2 for a set of 10 of the same tracts
  • $1.50 a set of 10 of the same tracts when 3 or more sets are ordered (sets do not have to be of the same tract)

You may contact our office by email (office@tullstar.org) or phone (325-261-3980) to order.

Tracts Avaliable:

  • Fellowship Boundaries by Tom Moore
  • Instrumental Music: Is It A Sin? by Michael Light
  • Judge Not by Michael Light
  • Saturated Reading: Bible Reading Schedule by Rick Popejoy
  • What Does The Bible Really Say About Homosexuality? by Michael Light